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Semi-Privacy Fence, Vinyl Garden Fencing
White Color Vinyl Semi-private Fence

Are you looking for a low-maintenance privacy fence?  PVC (Vinyl) material is the best choice, 
This type of fence includes slats that fit together to ensure there are no sight lines through the privacy fence.



Semi-privacy fence offers mostly privacy while still allowing both airflow and light through the fence.
It could be called semi-transparent and still affords good screening characteristics between neighbors or as a transition
from a private space to a public space.
All fence sections are pre-routed and/or pre-drilled for quick, on-site assembly.Our price per section includes posts,caps,rails,and pickets.


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Item Description

PVC Garden Fence

Style: Semi Private Vinyl Fence

Fence Colors: White

Fence Height: 4', 5' & 6'

Standard Width/Section: 8'

Steel Reinforcement Rail: Bottom


Whether you are looking to enclose your pool, define your property border or add that special touch to your landscaping,
these lattice and semi-private fence designs will serve all those purposes.
Save time with virtually maintenance free vinyl products that have a transferable lifetime warranty.
All gate perimeters fully reinforced with corrosion resistant aluminum channel so your gate will never sag.
All gate posts installed with aluminum post stiffeners.