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How to install bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring installation can appear to be a complex task for some of us. In reality it can be carried out with relative ease by a competent do it yourself enthusiast. If the correct  procedure is followed, the floor installation will be accomplished within a reasonable time frame too. 


Whether it is bamboo laminate or any other kind of similar flooring, for those thinking of carrying out their own flooring installation our recommendation is to follow the manufacturers/suppliers guidelines and instructions. Although very similar from one to the next, there may be some differences due to the way each type of floor is manufactured. It is advisable to follow the guidelines as they will have been tried and tested and will help to make sure that you can enjoy your bamboo floor for many years to come.


You should let the bamboo floor planks acclimate before actually starting to lay them. This is done by placing them in the room that they will be installed in to for several days. The acclimatization process should take place at the temperature that the room is expected to be at normally after the floor has been installed. Therefore if the room is a permanently air conditioned one then the air conditioning will need to be on for the duration of the acclimatization. This one step will help ensure that your floor will not warp or buckle after it has been installed.


Additionally, all sub floor surfaces should be clean, smooth and dry, as anything that isn't will affect the adhesion of the laminate to the sub floor. Doing this wrong, may not become evident for some time, perhaps years in some cases, so it will pay to get it done right the first time.


Even if you are a competent handy person you may want to invest in some books that specifically refer to flooring installations.