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Frequently Asked Questions

1) My sliding doors and windows are 5 years old and do not slide properly. Why is this so and what do I need to do to prevent this happening?

It sounds like your sliding windows and doors rollers need to be changed due to wear and tear. Some tips on preventing the rollers from dragging is by vacuuming the sill of the windows and doors regularly getting rid of any dust, dirt and dead insects which cause a build up of grit in the rollers causing the rollers not to work properly. On an annual basis clean tracks by wiping track with light machine oil (eg sewing machine oil) to assist with smoother operation. 

2) My double hung windows do not slide up and down anymore but fall when I try to open them?

This means that the window spirals/balances need to be changed. When you replace them it is advisable that you open the window (top and bottom sashes) on a regular basis (eg fortnightly) to help them last longer.


3) How do I make a choice for windows and doors when choosing between aluminium and timber?

The most difficult part of any construction decisions for owners is the selection of windows and doors. In particular the base material to be used, that is aluminium or timber.
We have tried in the following paragraphs to help you with that decision. All projects will incur personal choices, difficult for others to recommend product.

The initial choices are:

Style of the house, aspect, and do you want slim line section profiles maximum glass area, look to aluminium, or heavy section profiles lean more to timber. Wanting slim line sections with the appearance of timber, why not select a wood grain finish in aluminium. Nothing though can match the warmth of a traditional timber look.

Do the windows need to complement the wall colour both internal and external!


Timber windows can have both internal and external faces painted in different light reflective colours. Aluminium windows come in only one colour, meaning a possible compromise on final colour.


If I select timber, how long will the paint finish last, paint companies state that paint or stain finishes should last minimum seven years before any re-painting required, dependant on the initial preparation being done in accordance with their recommendations. Aluminium windows come in powder coated and will last many more years with only minimal colour fade.


Note: Both product types however need to be cleaned periodically to remove contaminants from the atmosphere.


You are concerned about the added maintenance with timber. Apart from the re-finishing cost, hardware maintenance is similar to that of aluminium, both are tested for suitability and carry the same warranty. All products have a need for periodic maintenance to ensure long life wear.


Energy considerations, timber has a better initial thermal quality, although both aluminium and timber products can be improved using a wide range of Trend Thermashield glass options.


Pricing is comparative, the most critical decision to make is what suits the surrounding area and your project design, Cost is a short term consideration, and you have to live with the final choice for years to come.


4) How do I maintain anodised aluminium?

To preserve the anodised aluminium finish over the years it is recommended regular cleaning.

Deterioration of the anodic oxidation coating can occur mainly as a result of dirt deposits and subsequent moisture, particularly when it is contaminated with sulphur compounds.

Cleaning should be carried out from monthly to six monthly intervals according to the degree of contamination from your local environment, whether it is atmospheric pollution or industrial pollution. You should aim to clean the anodised aluminium surface by removing grime deposits without causing any damage to the anodic oxidation coating.


5) How to place an order ?

A: Firstly you should confirm the series, size, pattern, and pay close attention to specific material grade, that affect cost very much and determine the final craftsmanship.

B. We will send you a shop drawing for you confirming after receiving the down payment.It need about 5-7 days.

C. Start production.


6)Terms of payment?

We normally go with TT(50% deposit in advance, the balance will be payable before shipment )


7)My projects require many kinds of products,such as doors, wall partition, tables etc..Is it possible to help me consolidate these products to one container?

It's our pleasure to help you do this job.Our goal is to help you save some cost and valuable time.


8)What's your Minimum Order Quantity ?

Normally we start with the quantity on or above 50 pcs, however it is not a fixed requirement, depends on the door series and material inventory situation.

9)How to do proper maintenance to keep the doors in good appearance?

Surface-As to solid wood surface please wipe the dust with soft cloth per month to keep the gloss and extend the durability, the obvious stain should be removed by special timber cleaning agent. the vacuum cleaner is an alternative for cleaning the dust. The seldom rub to the edge would be kind way to maintain the look. Always keep any chemicals away from your wood door.

Environment-Please keep the room well-ventilated in spring and winter to create a environment of normal temperature and humidity. these measure would prevent wood door from wrapping due to the severe temperature difference. plus, please keep your wood doors away from the electric heater or other heating equipment in winter for the same reason.

Hardware –Fasten the related screws regularly when you find they are loose. Lubricate the hinges if funny noise occurred. Proper lead from pencil to the keyhole may solve any uncomfortable feeling when rotate the key. DO NOT lubricate the keyhole by liquid.