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White Color Electric Aluminum Roller Shutter For Apartment,Sun and bad weather resistance 

Quick Details:

Aluminum rolling shutter window 
Sun and bad weather resistance 
Noice resistance 
Heat and cold insulation 

1) Shutter slate can be chosen between 37mm, 42mm with punched lighting hole or not.
2) Aluminium sale with PU insulated.
3) White color for standard color.
4) Special colors can be availabe based on the quantity.
5) Operation: manual operation or remote control


Manual Control/ Electric Aluminum Roller Shutter Window For Sale 

Item No.



Aluminum alloy

Surface treatment 

 Powder coating

Shutter Slat Option

32, 37, 40, 55mm; Extrusion: 37, 42, 55mm with foam, 

hurricane slat 55, 56mm


Manual operation or remote control


Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc. 


 Home, school, villa, hotel, restaurant, office and institution,Commercial Buildings 

and Government Buildings etc. 


1. Screening from curious looks.

Enjoy your privacy in your own home. Roller shutters up / roller shutters down.
2. Best weather protection

During rain, snow, hail, wind. Aluminium roller shutters provide especially effective protection against solar radiation. The rooms remain comfortably shaded and cool. Furniture and floor coverings are protected against bleaching. Wooden windows are ideally shielded from sunshine.
3. Noise insulation with closed roller shutters.

Aluminium roller shutters with sound-absorbing and CFC-free insulating foam reduce the noise level considerably. You sleep better, whether at night or in the daytime.
4. Energy saving.

Unlike a roller shutter with a lintel box, primary fuel consumption is reduced with this roller shutter since there is no medium between the shutter system and interior room by which heat can escape. A highly insulating air cushion forms between the window and roller shutter curtain. The insulating value of a window with heat-insulating glass can be optimised by up to 20% with a front-mounted roller shutter.